Gen Z Employment

Gen-Z is a Transition to Work service with a specialised approach to working with young people.

At Gen Z Employment, we offer young people what they most need to move into work or education: personal, social and practical skills, and opportunities to explore the world of work, build networks and gain the experience that employers value.

We seek to invest in young people through continued development of strengths & talents, exposure to opportunities & resources, and creating real community connections.

We deliver the TtW service over a proven ‘4 Phase’ model, which allows our young people the opportunity to explore career pathways, develop their practical employment & personal skills and explore the ‘world of work’. We can provide your business with job ready candidates free of charge, and with the added support of one of our Placement Team, to ensure a successful transition.

We believe that the local business community plays an integral role in not only providing opportunities for our young people, but also providing our service with insights into current needs, trends and areas for growth.

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